About us

The company ddrum was founded in 1985 with the function of a general importer for brands like: ddrum, Ludwig, Nordlead, Nord Modular, Master Audio, Motion Sound und Visu Lite. In the following years became the developments of brands with their worldwide distribution rights more and more value. One of these brands is the EarNoiseEliminator. This medical laser is a great help and successful treatment against Tinntius. The extraordinary thing is that this equipment can be applied from any person without knowledge. Under medical supervision and costsharing of health insurance companies did we made our firt successful laser therapy in 1994. All the other developments and studies make it possible now, that we can offer this help by the laser therapy against tinnitus for a successful treatment at home.
The vast experience as a ddrum distributor in Switzerland helps us in 2009 to solve the task - as we are now distributing the brand new drumit 5 from the company 2Box in Sweden.